Vitamin K:Uses, Deficiency, Food Sources| Phylloquinone| Anti Bleeding Vitamin| Anti Bleeding Vitamin

Vitamin K:

Green leafy vegetables
  • It was discovered by a scientist named Dame.
  • Its chemical name is Phylloquinone,
  • Its generic name is Anti Bleeding Vitamin and Anti Bleeding Vitamin.
  • It is found in greens, liver, eggs, cows milk, and oesophagal colitis (E.Coll} bacteria etc.
  • Most of the infant's baby is deficient Vitamin-K.
  • Therefore, this vitamin is given uring surgery
  • Its function is to coagulate the blood within 2-5 minutes of injury
  • Its deficiency can lead to excessive bleeding
  • (Maemorrhagia),
  • Congestive heart failure, and pancreatitis.

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